PLCLogix 500


PLCLogix 500 is an excellent starting point for learning introductory ladder logic. It is based on the Rockwell RSLogix 500 PLC system, and allows you to practice and develop your programming skills, and it provides the ability to write, edit and debug ladder logic programs. PLCLogix 500 combines ladder logic programming with state-of-the-art 3D simulation, with 10 interactive 3D-Worlds, including traffic control, elevators, compessors and a bottling factory. In addition to the 3D-Worlds, PLCLogix 500 also has a simuilated I/O chassis containing switches, sliders, displays and output indicators.

By using PLCLogix 500, you are able to gain much-needed programming practice by creating and running your own ladder logic programs. Its functionality includes a graphical controller organizer and a point-and-click method of configuring various I/O. The application organization is based on using tasks, programs, and routine structures. In addition, it features sophisticated data handling and incorporates both arrays and user-defined structures to provide maximum flexibility and emulation of real world control applications. PLCLogix 500 also includes a free-form ladder editor that allows you to modify multiple rungs of logic at the same time. The point-and-click graphical interface provides a simple, realistic, method of entering and editing ladder logic programs.

The PLCLogix 500 simulator includes:

- Highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) displays the ladder logic, controller organizer, I/O chassis and range of control panels.

- 200 pre-built lab projects

- 10 interactive 3D animations or "3DWorlds" which emulate a wide range of manufacturing and service applications.

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