Programmable Logic Controllers Textbook


Electronics Textbook

Textbook to Accompany Programmable Logic Controllers CBT 1 with PLCLogix 500
Copyright 2010, 422 pg
ISBN 0-9686860-3-6

This book provides a basic understanding of programmable logic controllers to people in all aspects of the industry. Covering the most popular PLC manufacturers, the book walks readers through a step-by-step introduction necessary to understanding ladder logic, peripheral devices, analog inputs and outputs, member systems and codes, and even programming languages. A useful guide for potential users of PLCs in any industry application.

The third edition retains the previous edition's hands-on approach and clearly written, comprehensive treatment of topics related to PLCs and automated control systems. The first part of the book introduces the necessary theory behind the development of programmable logic controllers. The second half of the book provides numerous worked-out examples and practical applications. The latter part of the book includes in-depth treatment of higher level languages such as FBD, SFC, instruction list, and structured text. The last chapter provides a detailed overview of robotics and their application in PLC environments.

Designed to be relevant to the great number of users and potential users of PLCs, this book develops essential concepts while meeting or exceeding the requirements of the industry. Students do not need prior experience in relay systems or programming. This well-illustrated volume, with its numerous worked-out examples and chapter-ending questions, is sure to become indispensable in bridging the gap between hard-wired automation and modern computer-based technology.

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